BARC Uvalde

Relinquishment Guidelines

BARC Uvalde understands that there are times when a family pet needs to be re-homed. Our program focuses primarily on rescuing animals from the Uvalde City Pound. The animals in the pound face certain death without our help, so our rescue program places those pets at the highest priority. We will, however, do our best to help you re-home a personal pet or place a found pet.

Step One: Complete the paperwork
To have your pet considered for placement with the BARC Uvalde, please complete this application. Submit the form by email to for review by the foster/adopt committee. You may also submit the form in person to our office during business hours. If approved, we will collect a surrender fee.

Surrender Fee
Dogs & Cats: $45

This fee helps offset the high cost of feeding, housing, and veterinary services that are required to make your surrendered pet ready for adoption.

Animals will not be admitted until they have been approved by the committee and have passed the health and temperament screening.

Step Two: Pass the health and temperament screening
After your relinquishment form has been approved and your fee collected, you must schedule a health and temperament screening for your pet. Please inform the veterinary office staff that you are scheduling a health screening for an animal to be considered for placement in the BARC Uvalde’s program. Based on the results of this initial screening, the foster/adoption committee will determine whether the pet is accepted into the program.

  • Health screening
    • Physical exam within normal limits
    • Negative heartworm test for dogs
    • Negative feline leukemia and FIV test for cats
    • Negative fecal
  • Temperament screening
    • Not aggressive

The screening includes a heartworm test for dogs over six months of age (if positive, the pet is denied), feline leukemia test for kittens/cats (if positive, the pet is denied), fecal exam, physical examination, and temperament screening by a licensed veterinarian.

Unfortunately, we are unable to admit any pet that is injured, aggressive, or sick.  If you have a pet in your care that requires medical attention, please contact your local veterinarian.

Step Three: Surrender
One of our staff members will contact you to tell you if your animal fulfills the requirements for relinquishment. Typically, it takes a minimum of 1 week to place an animal into our program, assuming there is an opening. Openings are based on daily adoptions as well as the waiting list of impounded pets.

What are my other options?


Animal Control
If it is an emergency situation and you need to place the animal immediately, we recommend you contact Uvalde Animal Control to see what their current policies and procedures are for accepting pets.
Phone: 830.278.9147

Uvalde Radio Trading Post
They offer free radio classifieds Monday – Friday from 9:30 – 10:00am.
Phone: 830.591.1105

Uvalde Leader News
Phone: 830.278.3335

Print flyers and post in prominent places around town, including the BARC Uvalde’s office and local veterinary clinics.


Post the pet on your personal Facebook page along with any information that would be helpful for a potential owner to know. We offer a Courtesy Listing Program that allows pet owners to feature the animal that needs to be re-homed through our Facebook page. Be sure that the post is set to public and simply share the post to our page. We will contact you if we need any additional information before we post it to our main page. If you do not have Facebook, emailed information can be posted to the BARC Uvalde’s page for you.
Phone: 830.591.9229

Internet Classifieds
PetFinder has pet classifieds for lost/found and adoptable pets. Ebay pet classifieds and Craig’s List can also be helpful resources.

Purebred Rescue Groups

If your dog is a purebred dog, look for a rescue group. Contact larger rescues in cities such as San Antonio and Austin for assistance.