BARC Uvalde


Want to help, but not sure that you’re ready for the lifetime commitment of owning a pet? Fostering might be the right fit!

We rescue as many adoptable animals as our shelter can house, but we’re limited by space. Foster families are an extention of BARC. We’re able to rescue more animals from the shelters when foster families volunteer to temporarily house a homeless animal until they find a forever home. Fostering is the perfect way to enjoy a pet without the lifetime commitment of ownership.

Veterinary expenses are paid by BARC. Food can be included, if needed. Criteria for foster homes is the same as criteria for adoption homes, review those guidelines here.

If you’re ready to foster, complete our foster application  and email it to Diana. She is also available to answer any questions that you have about fostering.

Diana San Miguel

Please note that in the event that the foster family can no longer foster an animal, it might take time for a space to free up at our shelter.

Thank you for your interest in this much needed service! By fostering pets, you are freeing space for another animal to be rescued.